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Cancellation & Refund Policy

“I'm so glad I made the switch to the Essential Studio Manager. This software has everything I could possible need to manage my business efficiantly!”

- Anna B.

"The system is very intuitive and perfect for my business!"

The customer service is beyond amazing. Jonathon answers questions quickly and works very hard to constantly meet and exceed our needs! You cannot find a more reasonable system out there that works so well and truly cares about their client's needs!

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Katherine Tippett

"Jon and Elena have managed to build a community feel around this system"

This is an easy to use CRM system which is really helping me to stay organized. There are so many features, and more are being added all the time (I no longer have to pay separately somewhere else to send out e-signature contracts or have a separate place where I manage my accounts). I was going to say excellent customer service, but it's more than that- Jon and Elena have managed to build a community feel around this system- they are always on hand to help and there there are hundreds of other photographers in community.

Lindy Rogers

"The next online studio management system to watch out for!"

As one of the newest studio managers on the market it's off to a solid start. I've used them all from 17hats, Tave, Sprout, even seen some ninjas. This system focuses on the core needs instead of the complex parts of a CRM that tend to drive us nuts. Oh did I mention, it's basically a STEAL! right now at it's current pricing model.

Vincent Duke