Book more clients, schedule appointments, get paid, and create workflows that work for you — all with one tool that’s ridiculously easy to use.

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All In One Platform

Everything You Need And Nothing You Don’t


Make It Easy For Clients To Pay You And Send Client Invoicing With Just A Click Of A Button.

Digital Contracts

Protect Your Business With Digital Contracts That Get Signed Fast And Are Legally Biding With A Full Audit Trail.

Google Calendar

Integrate Your Google Calendar With Our Crm To Stay Up To Date With All Your Sessions.


View All Your Business Finances In One Place And Stay Up To Date On How You’re Doing Financially.


Create your own custom workflow checklist with our software and stay on schedule with each of your clients.

Embeddable Forms

Embed a contact form to your website to collect leads and start the process of client management from the very first hello.


Create custom questionnaires and send them to clients to collect important information ahead of time.


Make it yours by customizing our software to your brand and provide a cohesive experience for your clients.


Receive notifications anytime you receive a payment, a questionnaires is answered, or a contract is signed.

Automated Emails

Automate booking confirmations and session reminder emails to keep your clients up to date.

No Double Booking

We Includes An Algorithm That Notifies You When You’re About To Double Book A Session.

New Feature

Let Us Know What You’d Love To See Added And We Will Add It To Our Feature Request List!


Schedule Clients. Sign Contract. Get Paid.

Say Goodbye To Using Tools That Make Things More Complicated. Switch To Using The One Tool That Has All The Features You Actually Need To Get The Job Done.


Schedule Appointments

Schedule Clients And Appointments And Sync Them With Your Google Calendar. Never Worry About Double Bookings Again With Our Built-In Algorithm That Notifies You When You’re About To Double Your Time


Invoicing & Finances

Easily Send Invoices And Make It A Breeze To Get Paid. Everything Will Be Tracked In Your Finance Section, Where You Can Easily See Your Incomes & Expenses.

Sure There Are Other “CRM’S” Out There.

But None That Gives You The Personal Touch.

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We Like To Keep It Simple. Unlimited Everything, Forever.
Plus The Best Customer Service Ever.

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We want our new members to have the option to try our software prior to committing longterm. We do require a card on file but you are more than welcome to cancel anytime prior to your trial being over and never have to pay a single penny. Since we are a small business, we do want those who sign up to take it serious and take the time to explore our software and features during that first month to see if it’s the right fit and we feel like the best way to do that is to require a card on file.

I dont have an agency or consultancy business, but you're software looks amazing. Can I sign up?

We hear this all the time, and of course, you can! Although our software was built specifically for agencies and consultants, we have plenty of members who work with clients on a regular basis and love using our software to manage their businesses. Since you can customize everything within our software you can easily make it fit to your business. 

Do you have a referral program? I'd love to tell my friends about this!

First, thank you so much for wanting to help us spread the word about our software. That means so much. We just launched our new referral program where you can give your friends 50% off, and earn $5 every month for anyone you refer that is on a paid plan. Make yourself an account to create your own coupon code to share!

What's your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is pretty simple. We don’t believe in locking someone into a contract so at no point are you signing a contract with us. You can cancel your account at anytime and we have tried our best to make the process as simple as possible.

Can I get a refund?

We offer refunds for annual subscriptions, and the refund must be requested within 14 days after the renewal date. We don’t give refunds for monthly subscriptions or requests that arrive 15 days or later from the renewal date. We always send out a subscription renewal notification 7 days prior to you being charged, which gives you plenty of time to submit a refund request if need be.

What makes the ESM different than other CRMs?

We believe what separates us from others is that we have built our software by listening directly to our members. We consider our active members as part of our ever-growing team. Our number one goal is to improve our CRM by implementing the features they want the most. Everything you see in the CRM was requested by people just like you. If you’re hesitant to join us because we’re missing something important, just let us know, and we will add it to our list of potential upcoming features!